January 31, 2009

What happened in January 2009?

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Jan 20, 2009
A congratulatory ad (see link) placed in the Washington Post from the American Humanist quoting Barack Obama about not being raised in a religious household.

Jan 15, 2009
A prominent fashion designer has sparked outrage in Chile by dressing up models like the Virgin Mary -- in some cases with ample, near-naked breasts.

Jan 8, 2009
A Sikh woman sued the Internal Revenue Service this week, alleging that the IRS violated her religious freedom by prohibiting her from wearing a small ceremonial knife to her job as a revenue agent.

Jan 6, 2009
An atheist bus ad campaign is underway in the UK. "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" is on 800 British buses. Updated with more news.


Jan 5, 2009
Spain, like the rest of Western Europe, is becoming more secular. A judge ruled in November that public schools must remove crucifixes from classroom walls. The Spanish government has also legalized gay marriage and fast-track divorce, and is seeking to loosen laws on abortion and euthanasia.

Jan 4, 2009
At lease 40 people, 16 of them Iranian pilgrims, were killed and 72 were wounded in a suicide bombing in Baghdad at the doorstep of one of Iraq's holiest Shite shrines.

Jan 3, 2009

A federal judge in Brooklyn has rejected a Liberian woman's religious reasons for smuggling endangered monkey meat into the country.

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