April 6, 2009

Brian the Dog

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Update! Update! Update! (LA Times)
Family Guy on July 16, 2009 became the first animated show in nearly 50 years to score an Emmy nomination for best comedy series. "Family Guy" received not one but two Emmy nominations. The second is for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, which series creator Seth MacFarlane hopes to take home for his portrayal of Peter Griffin in the episode "I Dream of Jesus."

Brian has a wikipedia entry. Here is the section on religion.
Brian is an atheist who often gets irritated when the topic of religion comes up in conversation. For example in the episode The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz when Brian makes a remark to Peter's father, Francis Griffin, asking when Stewie will be baptized, Francis threatens him. Brian sarcastically responds: "That's very Christian; believe what I say or I'll hurt you." It has been noted that Brian prefers women who are also atheists such as in the episode Love Blactually, where Brian meets and falls in love with Carolyn. Brian's atheism is made into an issue in Not All Dogs Go to Heaven, when he is treated as an outcast all over town; he later lies about "seeing the light," admitting some time later that it was to be served booze at the bar.

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