April 7, 2009

The last Jew in Afghanistan

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Here is the link to the video about the last Jew in Afghanistan. The video doesn't really explain why he is staying in Afghanistan when his wife and two daughters are in Israel.

A Reuter's journalist caught up Zebulon in 2001 when he was one of the last two Jews in Afghanistan. Apparently these two guys hated each other. Here is the link.

They shared the same synagogue
but held separate services. They denounced each other to the Taliban as Mossad spies, each earning the other a beating from the largely apathetic authorities. When Yitzhak was found dead in the synagogue in January 2005, there was no posthumous reconciliation. At the time, Zebulon remarked that he was glad because his old rival and sole companion was a "very bad man".
There was even a play written about them. It's called My Brother's Keeper.

The last Jew in Afghanistan is clearly a head case. Mystery solved.

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