April 1, 2009


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Here are two other interesting Roman Catholic stories from the end of March.

March 30, 2009
Despite the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to abortion and embryonic stem-cell research, a Gallup analysis finds almost no difference between rank-and-file American Catholics and American non-Catholics in terms of finding the two issues morally acceptable.

March 31, 2009
Newt Gingrich has converted to Catholicism. Gingrich's third wife, Callista Bisek (right), is Catholic. Gingrich did not comment on the conversion.

Newt's sexual escapades rivals that of some of the early popes. From an historical point of view, this conversion might be a good fit.

Other fairly recent notable conversions to Roman Catholicism include Tony Blair, Jeb Bush, Anne Rice, Nicole Kidman, Bobby Jindal, Sam Brownback, Bob Novak and Malcolm Muggeridge.

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