April 22, 2009

Jesus reincarnated

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April 22, 2009
Today is the birthday of Jose Luis de Jesus
Miranda (right). He claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated. For some reason they celebrated his birthday on April 18. The above date links to the story and a video of the event.

Here is his Wikipedia entry.

Here is a CNN report on de Jesus. He makes a cameo appearance on Bill Maher's movie, Religulous.

Jose has competition in the "I am Jesus" department. Here are a couple of blog entries from our history section.

Jan 14, 1961
Sergey Torop is born. Torop is a Russian mystic who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus. He has about 10,000 followers worldwide, 4000 in Siberia. Russia has become a hotbed of new religions since the fall of the Soviet Union. Read more on our blog.

Nov 1, 2006
A former patient of the UK's best-known expert on transsexualism wanted a sex change in order to fulfill her delusion that she was Jesus. She was detained in a psychiatric hospital just before an operation to remove her breast.

Jan 6, 2008
A man who thought he was the Messiah drowned after trying to walk on water. Howard Bloomstein's naked body was found floating in the sea off Brighton England on Jan 6.

And let's not forget Jesus' little brother.

Jan 1, 1814
Hóng Xiùquán
is born in China. Hong studied with an American Southern Baptist missionary and came to believe he was the younger brother of Jesus. He led the Taiping Rebellion, which lead to the death of 36 million people.

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