April 15, 2009

Atheists are evil!

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German Bishop Links Nazi Crimes to Atheism (Spiegel online)

Why does the Bishop of Augsburg think he can get away with saying "a society without God is hell on earth?"

Augsburg (68.3 % Catholic) is a short drive to the Dachau Concentration Camp. Bishop Mixa is also under the bishop of Munich (53.2 % Catholic) which was where a Catholic named Hitler kicked off the Nazi movement in a beer hall.

Here's another quote from the above linked article.
"In the last century, the godless regimes of Nazism and Communism, with their penal camps, their secret police and their mass murder, proved in a terrible way the inhumanity of atheism in practice."
The history section of the blog has numerous examples of religious people massacreing other religious people.

And what does a society that marginalizes religion look like? A blog entry for Feb 27,2009 is about Denmark and Sweden. They are among the least religious nations in the world, and are also "moral, stable, humane and deeply good." (See a youtube interview Phil Zuckerman, author Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment.)

And let's not forget those "crazy killers" in the National Academy of Sciences. They are some of the world's leading scientists. 72.2% expressed disbelief and 93% expressed disbelief or doubt in the existence of a personal god in 1998.

The Gott Mit Uns (God With Us) belt buckle was worn by Germany enlisted soldiers during World War II. The saying has been used by armies for hundreds of years.

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