March 16, 2009

Gwen Shamblin

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Gwen Shambin (link to the article about Shamblin at a school nutrition meeting)

Gwen Shamblin had a brilliant idea. She combined two American obsession, dieting and religion, and it really took off. Her "weight down" diet program was the most popular Christian diet ever until she questioned the veracity of the Holy Trinity. Not a good move, Gwen!

She has since toned down her criticism of Christian doctrine and is concentrating on slimming down overweight Americans with her near-starvation diet.

Here is a link to her home page. There is a picture of her at the top. This woman has got to be anorexic. You can see her bones, for God's sakes.

Shamblin is the leader of the Remnant Fellowship Church, which is headquartered in Tennessee. About 650 church members have moved to the Nashville area in order to be near the church, according to her Wikipedia entry.

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Anonymous said...

If the "secret" rights were really all that secret, then how did the writers for Big Love know about them in the first place??