March 3, 2009

websites and videos worth a look

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Truth about Religion is a three part video about the roots of all religions. If you watch any of these videos, watch this one.

Al Farrow builds cathedrals, mosques and synagogues out of bullets, shotgun pellets, and gun barrels. I'm sure there is some symbolic thing going on here, but I just like the way they look. The link show a cathedral.

The big religion chart is a very quick overview of the world's religions.

Misquoting Jesus is a witty and scholarly look at the Bible, by University of North Carolina professor Bart Ehrman. Please pass this link along to anyone who things the Bible is the literal word of God.

Why people believe weird things by director of the Skeptic Society, Michael Sherman, deals in part with religion. The Sherman lecture was presented at the yearly Ted Conference. Ted videos are a wonderful source of entertaining and thought provoking lectures.

South Park has managed to antagonize Roman Catholics, Mormons, Scientologist and just about everyone else. Here are two shows dealing with religion.
Red Hot Catholic Love
All about Mormons

George Carlin's (left) Religion is Bull Shit is very funny but R rated.

Lewis Black explains religion is also very funny and very R rated.

Bill Maher on religion is another good one.

Jesus Camp is about a Christian kids camp. Very scary.

Fundamentalist religious videos can be very entertaining. This one from attempts to prove people and dinosaurs lived together.

The skeptics annotated bible is worth a look. They also link to a skeptics Koran, a skeptics Book of Mormon and a great section of quotes located at the top of the first page.

The freethinker is a British atheist web site and publication that has been annoying the religious establishment since 1881.

The so called four horsemen, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens are the best known agnostics/atheist. They are all over the Internet. They have also all written books, some of which have been best sellers and can be found in any decent library. Here's a clip from a Sam Harris lecture.

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