March 19, 2009

The Pope in Africa

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Pope Benedict XVI needs to fire his entire PR staff and start over. Going to Africa and telling people that using condoms increases the AIDS epidemic is bonkers.

Here are two more Pope cartoons:

It did not go unnoticed by comedian Jon Stewart on March 19, 2009.

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Pope Says Condoms Make HIV Crisis Worse
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The Pope did speak out against witchcraft and sorcery a few days after the condom remarks. This is quite a problem in Africa.

From the
NY Times story:

The latest human rights report for Angola by the United States State Department says that children accused of witchcraft suffer abuses such as “the denial of food and water, or ritualistic cuttings and the placing of various caustic oils or peppers on their eyes or ears.”

The report mentions a 2007 case where a teacher was sentenced to eight years of hard labor after kidnapping and beating two children he suspected of sorcery; one of them died of injuries.
Angola is not alone. Here is a witch doctor story from Tanzania on our blog.

June 8, 2008 (published) Tanzanian officials say witch doctors are marketing albino skin, bones and hair as ingredients in potions that are promised to make people rich.

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