March 28, 2009

Mass Suicide In Uganda

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Link to article. March 29, 2009

Nine years after 778 people were murdered or committed suicide, there is nothing to report. A committee set up to investigate the incident never got off the ground and police have given up looking for the cult leaders.

From the above article:
For Police it has been nine years of wild-goose chase. They have not been able to catch cult leaders; Joseph Kibwetere, Credonia Mwerinde and Dominic Kataribabo and have decided to “temporarily shelve” the file.
“Kibwetere and the others implicated went underground and took a low profile, so it is quite difficult,” said John Enanga, spokesman of the CID.
The Wikipedia entry has a good article on the case.

The cult leaders predicted that the apocalypse would occur on Jan 1, 2000. When it didn't happen, they changed the date to March 17.

From Wikipedia:
On the seventeenth, group members arrived at their church in Kanangu to pray and sing, minutes later nearby villagers heard an explosion, and the building was gutted in an intense fire that killed all 530 in attendance, including dozens of children.

Four days after the church fire police investigated Movement properties and discovered hundreds of bodies at sites across southern Uganda.

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